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Joseph Pilates
Founder of the Pilates Method

Our Pilates Studio

Originally termed contrology, the method places strong emphasis on concentration and muscle control in performing each exercise leading to a more qualitative movement experience. Concentration and control are facilitated through coordinated breathing and precise anatomical placement. The method involves sequentially performed mat-based exercises that target the body's vital center, the powerhouse, and sequentially performed apparatus based exercises (offered in private and duet sessions) that incorporate balance, coordination and address individual needs. Each client receives a program within the system of exercises that is specific to his or her fitness/wellness level.

Mat Work

Joseph Pilates did not invent the notion of exercising on a mat. Throughout the 20th century there were various accepted forms of mat-based exercises which often fell under the generic term calisthenics. Order, breath, flow, and anatomical placement were not generally emphasized and the overall quality was poor.

What Joseph Pilates did was to draw upon his vast self-education in anatomy, physiology, and Western and Eastern philosophies in physical culture and wellness. He incorporated all of these influences into an organized and systematic sequence of exercises which emphasized form, precision, coordinated breathing, and correct anatomical placement. This qualitative approach dramatically changed the effectiveness of mat-based exercise and became the basis for the Pilates Method.

Each exercise is performed sequentially, while integrating the bodies core musculature to achieve stabilization and control leading to increased awareness of form and precision. The mat work emphasizes quality of execution rather than quantity of repetitions. The mat sequence also addresses flexibility so that muscles are stretched and lengthened.