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Class & Lesson Descriptios

The Pre-Pilates level lessons are designed to introduce new students who are returning from periods of inactivity (away from daily/weekly exercise) and new students who individual needs (post-injury) require a slower and/or modified curriculum*

The lesson focuses on Pilates principals and fundamentals, and emphasizes body awareness and correct anatomical placement. Students will begin to familiarize themselves with the historical order of Joseph Pilates mat work using an effective, but abridged curriculum.


Beginner level classes are designed for students who are new to Pilates, but have otherwise remained physically active. The class emphasizes the same essential principals and fundamentals as the per-Pilates level class, but the flow and tempo is slightly increased and new exercises, drawn from the Joseph Pilates original syllabus, are added.


An intermediate level class challenge students with a further increase in tempo and flow, and incorporates a more comprehensive order of exercises than beginner level. Correct form and fuller ranges of motion are emphasized. The addition of more exercises is intended to further build upon the principals learned in beginner level. This class is generally suitable for active individuals who may be new to Pilates as well as advancing students.


Advanced level classes are designed for experienced students proficient in the order and flow of Joseph Pilates mat work. Students are only encouraged to enroll once they have acquired extensive experience at the intermediate level. Students will experience a quick tempo and strong emphasis on form and transition. The class is thoroughly comprehensive in its use of the original Pilates mat syllabus and in some instances (at instructors discretion) additional repetitions are included.

A thorough workout is promised!!!


Personal Training:

Hour long personal training sessions, whether exercise or rehabilitation related, offer the client the unique opportunity to deepen their understanding and enhance their practice of the Pilates Method. Workout sessions are guided by a senior level Instructor capable of designing a curriculum using classical/historical systems and/or individual needs based work. In private sessions clients experience a rich syllabus which incorporates Joseph Pilates uniquely designed circuit of apparatus which will challenge their balance, coordination, flexibility, and core control. Sessions may also include a mat concentration so that clients remain mindful of Pilates principals and fundamentals. Additionally work can be performed that specifically addresses a clients injury with either a rehabilitation or post-rehabilitation emphasis.

Semi-private refers to a duet session; two individuals can experience an hour long thorough system workout under the guidance of a senior level instructor. Workouts are offered on two of Joseph Pilates highly versatile pieces of apparatus, the reformer, and half-Cadillac (wall unit). Limited Wunda Chair and mat work is also incorporated to offer duets a challenging workout experience. Similar fitness levels are ideal but not required.
Appropriate attire: Yoga/dance apparel, leggings/tights, T-shirts, socks, ballet slippers